I have over three decades of experience in media and the arts with a frightfully long CV. Amongst other things, I founded a legendary comedy club in the 90’, spent hours on stage and TV as a comedian, actor and musical artist. I have directed iconic shows and produced theatre for touring companies.

Alongside my own career in the limelight, I have helped others. I have developed an in-depth program for coaching speakers and I teach practical skills in how to enthral an audience, enthuse a client during a pitch or quite simply get someone to really listen to your ideas. From script, to stage presence to speaking.

I offer mentorship support, work with business leaders in their communication style as well as researchers to become better at amplifying their findings.

Without story well told, information is purely words, lost in the noise.

  • I help you understand your audience.
  • We co-create meaningful content and relevant backstory.
  • I share concrete guidelines on stage presence.
  • I encourage you to explore your emotional range and who you have chosen to be on stage (and in private). In other words, I help you understand yourself.
  • I debunk centuries of myths and legends about public speaking.
  • I help you to kill your darlings.