Since the autumn of 2007, I have specialized a bit in helping speakers / lecturers with their lectures. On a very individual basis, I help with most things related to stage performance. It’s hard to explain. So I let some of my clients, who have chosen to work “deeper” with me, explain to you what I have done for them.

I also provide help in the form of mentoring to different people. I also work a lot with business leaders with their appearance and communication.

"Do you need someone to make you feel really good about yourself, tell you all the things you do well as a speaker and person, who doesn’t dare to criticise you instead only compliments you? Then you shouldn’t call Pontus. But if you want to grow so fast that it hurts, if you want to stand on stage and touch an audience instead of delivering a dusty old talk, then you should try get in touch, convince him to have time for you. I have been on stage since I was 17 and thought I was a good speaker. Then I met Pontus. Thanks to Pontus and our collab I now think I am really very good."
Navid Modiri
Communicator and artist who speaks about creativity and creates conversations that matter.
"I used to have a love hate relationship with speaking. But that was before Pontus. I knew I could get better but my first meeting with Pontus was unsettling. To say the least. Afterwards I felt like I’d been in a minor car crash, or a washing machine. It’s not very often I meet someone who is brutally honest, wise, strange (in a good way!) and funny (he’s a comedian after all). His goal isn’t to be mean, I realised, Pontus told exactly what I needed to know; what I didn’t do well. I remember thinking that he was unkind, that he said ‘things you shouldn’t say’ to someone you’ve only just met. But he saw and heard a myriad of things nobody else had noticed in my talks. Pontus is known as a speaking coach. But he is so much more than that. During our sessions he felt like anything from ‘sensei’ to ‘yoda’ to ‘God’. Quite simply, he’s a genius."
Annelie Pompe
Freediver och Alpinist
"Pontus Ströbaek is an incredible combination of a sharp tongue, super smart, interesting perspectives and a big heart. But most of all he has a very clear understanding of how to deliver the spoken word from a stage. Don’t expect someone who coddles you, if you like straight talking then Pontus is perfect, he can help you reach the next level of your speaking."
Nicklas Bergman
Entrepreneur and tech investor, futurist and global speaker
"There is a before and an after. For several years I had given a talk. These days I AM my talk and the difference is down to Pontus. Before we started our collaboration I was seldom satisfied after a job. Despite clever turns of phrase and happy clients it always felt like something was missing. This is not the case anymore and this is down to this unique ability Pontus has. Methodical and responsive, he has helped me play to my strengths and more or less eliminate my weaknesses. I’ve become one with my material that touches an audience. If you’re (truly) interested in starting the journey to becoming a really good speaker, Pontus should be your chosen companion on that road. He doesn’t give you a finished product. He helps you create your own."
Christian Wass
Speaker, ruler of the free world.